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Daily Schedules Announced 8/31/2009
The daily schedules for AtomFest are shown below - The first official AtomFest event will be our traditional dinner at the Rib Crib in Sand Springs Oklahoma. We will meet at 6:00pm on Monday, September 14 and then caravan to Hallett (or our respective Sand Springs hotels). Hallett gates open at 7:00 AM each day and close each evening at 10:00 PM.

See you on Monday night at Rib-Crib in Sand Springs! 
-Randy Lamp

Hallett Services Available at AtomFest 8/25/2009

Services Available at AtomFest

Stephens Brothers

Hallett Motor Racing Circuit and Stephens Brothers Racing will offer a full service race shop to AtomFest attendees. Brothers Scott and Shayne have a well equipped race shop and experienced mechanics to perform routine service and or repairs. Typical items would include mounting and balancing tires, chassis alignment, or even oil and filter changes for those traveling long distances. 

Birds-Eye Photography

Clyde at BirdsEye photography has the right equipment and years of experience at Hallett, both as a driver and event photographer.

Expect to see the BirdsEye bucket truck in strategic positions around the track during AtomFest, providing great action photography and proof positive that you weren't really at work on October 18-20! BirdsEye will have a booth on the first floor of the Control Tower. Review your photos and Clyde will burn a CD on the spot for you. Reasonable prices, lasting memories. Also, visit the AtomFest merchandise booth during the 'Fest to get your own photos printed or burned to CD.

-Randy Lamp

Exhibition of Speed may bring a new Atom track record! 8/7/2009



AtomFest's 'Exhibition of Speed' event will feature some of the fastest Atoms in North America driven by some of  the most experienced Atom pilots in the US.


The current Hallett track record of 1:21.0 will be under a full fledged assault! What will the new record be? Will an Atom break into the one-minute-teens?


Stay tuned!

-Randy Lamp

Ariel Atom 3 - Built for North America by TMI Autotech, Inc. 7/30/2009
-Randy Lamp

AtomFest sponsored by US Manufacturer 6/22/2009

TMI AutoTech, Inc. (, exclusive North American Ariel Atom licensee and producer, is pleased to announce its official support, sponsorship & participation in AtomFest 2009.

TMI is located within the Raceplex motorsports business park at Virginia International Raceway, “America’s Motorsports Resort”, where it custom hand-builds Ariel Atom 3s to order for its direct customers and authorized dealers within the US, Canadian & Mexican markets.  TMI also provides parts supply and in-house vehicle maintenance, repair, track set-up & re-building services for Ariel Atom owners.

AtomFest events (, independently owned and operated by AtomFest Promotions, LLC, are North America’s largest organized gatherings of Ariel Atom owners and enthusiasts.  AtomFest 2009 will be held at Hallett Motor Circuit in Jennings, OK., near Tulsa, from Sept. 15-17th.


For further information on this Release please contact:       

Mark Swain - VP, Sales & Marketing - TMI AutoTech, Inc.

Tel.      434-822-9130  X303

Cell      434-446-3106



-Randy Lamp

Unique Fabricating Provides Sponsorship to AtomFest II 4/10/2009


Does your Atom need more power? How about an electronic paddle shifter or methanol injection? Are you concerned about rear uprights and bearings when you take to the track with those wide, sticky slicks? You should get to know Unique Fabricating.


Tom Smurzynski has been a part of the Ariel Atom community for several years now. He was the first person I met when I made a trip to Ashland, Oregon for a test drive. Hard not to like the guy who gave you your first drive in an Atom!


Tom was the final inspection, testing and delivery manager for Brammo and in that role, drove every Brammo Atom before it was placed into the hands of the eventual owner. He delivered the first privately held Brammo Atom to Jay Leno’s Big Dog Garage and put untold miles on the Brammo test mule and demo car. Tough duty I’d say, but somehow he managed it.


All during this time, Tom owned and maintained a race car fabrication business, Unique Fabricating in nearby Central Point, Oregon and when Brammo left manufacturing Atoms, placed his full efforts on that business. With years of experience on race cars, including campaigning a GM sponsored Cobalt SS in Grand Am racing, Tom is bringing his skills and resources to the Atom performance aftermarket.


Already Tom has had his hand in several performance upgrades to the Ecotec engine that powers most Brammo Atoms. Atoms have received turbochargers and Harrop supercharger upgrades to performance levels far beyond the maximum factory output. The work coming from Unique always displays a level of quality and engineering thought that accentuates the Atom and raises it to the next level.



Most recently, Unique Fabricating has undertaken a months long development and testing cycle to address the Atom’s rear upright/hub/bearing. Certain owners have pushed their cars hard enough on the track to have experienced failures. Tom’s solution is a complete system which addresses each of the previously demonstrated failure modes, improves bearing cooling as well as loading and has the mechanical beauty which typifies unique Fabricating.


Welcome Tom and Judy Smurzynski and Unique Fabricating. Thank you for your support of  AtomFest and the Ariel Atom community!


Find Unique Fabricating on the web at:

-Randy Lamp

The Ariel Atom Owner’s Club 9/12/2007

The Ariel Atom Owner’s Club

Almost certainly due to the nature of the Atom, most owners are the kinds of people that wouldn’t want to belong to a club of any kind. They tend to be independent individuals with a penchant for the unpredictable who frankly don’t give a rat’s arse for what’s generally accepted.

And that’s what makes the AAOC different - the people who are entitled to join it. There are no regular meetings. No enforcing committee members. What you get with the AAOC is a brilliant resource of information, some seriously knowledgeable owners. You get to hang out with a thoroughly (and surprisingly) agreeable bunch of people who can actually converse intelligently about things other than cars.

Many of the benefits of the club are ideally accessed on the internet - in fact, that’s the best way to find out the latest news and views, to discover what’s happening where, and unearth a treasure trove of information.

The objectives of the AAOC

  • Assist with appropriate events
  • Encourage safe, skilled driving
  • Act as a meeting point for owners
  • Gather feedback from owners
  • Record the history of cars
  • Work to negotiate club discounts
  • Provide unbiased information
  • Harness the skills of members
  • Promote the vehicle and brand
  • Provide online services
  • Provide club merchandise

How to join the club

The best way is to go online at and click on membership. The annual fee is just $40 and there is an initial $16 joining fee. You can find out more about the club at the website, or by emailing

-Randy Lamp

AtomFest 2007 - a big hit. 9/7/2007

AtomFest Was Awesome!

AtomFest was a great success with participants from all over North America, the UK and The Netherlands sharing our "Three Days of Atoms at Speed." Daily track action saw the Atom track record fall not once, but three times to a current 1 minute 22.4 seconds.

A record thirty (30) Atoms in all participated over the course of the festival and hundreds of laps around the 1.8 mile Hallett Motor Racing Circuit brought wide smiles to drivers, passengers and spectators alike.

An evening cruise to Tulsa filled the Sonic Drive-In with twenty four Atoms and brought Atomic passion to the Friday night crowd there.

Saturday evening was capped off by an Awards Ceremony Dinner and Music Concert
performed by Oklahoma City native and recording artist Angie Brady.

High speed, high spirits and great times were in evidence everywhere and both participants  and guests left with thoughts of AtomFest 2008!

Here is what some of this year's participants had to say about AtomFest-

". . . quite simply the most enjoyable weekend of driving I have ever experienced in my life."  
-Eric Howe

"Where does one start?  Without a doubt it was one of the most enjoyable events I've ever attended!  Great people, great cars, great drives, perfect!"
-Mark K

"I had the best weekend in 20 years. Fast Cars, great company, good music."
-Peter Thomas

"When we started building the Atom some 7 or 8 years ago we never thought, in our wildest dreams, that we’d be standing in the countryside of Oklahoma with such a nice bunch of folks, watching 30 or so Ariels scream around a race track.  Atoms, sunshine, a great track and not even a noise limit – it doesn’t get much better.  Add in barbeques, live music and some of the nicest people you could wish to meet and you’ll begin to get the full picture."
-Simon Saunders

Thank You

Thanks to all the participants, Atom Owners, AAOC members, Ariel Motor Company, Synergy Autoworks, Simons Petroleum, Traqmate, Sector 111, Brammo Motorsports, The Ariel Atom Experience, Angie Brady and the Recliners and especially to all the volunteers who made this event possible. Stay tuned for AtomFest 2009!

-Randy Lamp

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